Akhanda Bhajans | A shared devotion towards Lord Ayyappa

The Essence of Divinity and Spirituality in Growing Kids


Akhanda Bhajans is a group of devotees who came together and have been organizing auspicious events of Akhanda Ayyappa Bhajans ever since its commencement. The team leverages Zoom to organize devotional songs and Bhajans in the glory of Lord Ayyappa.

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People from across the world including kids participated in these events. The team makes its vision to connect interested devotees from across the world to participate in auspicious bhajan events,namasankeerthanam, and Satsang on multiple occasions of Lord Ayyappa and other Hindu Deities. 


The events start at the beginning of the year with Akhanda Ayyappa Bhajans during Makaravilakku and are followed by other similar devotional events throughout the year.


Over the years and increasing day by day, kids and teenagers from across the world have played a significant role in the success of these events which has been a boon in disguise.


Why does immersing in spirituality and divinity matter? 


For young people, relationships are essential to healthy spiritual development. Young children form strong bonds with their parents, grandparents, instructors, and other adults who provide for their emotional and physical needs. Babies learn to trust because adults take care of their needs. When babies learn to trust, they grow to hope.


The essential ideas of spiritual formation—hope and trust develop during the initial years of life.


Following God & plan for their lives, improving oneself, and understanding their purpose in life were the top three spiritual aspirations of youth. Finding your mission in life, taking care of your inner self, and realizing the greater significance of life are all components of spiritual growth. It is a journey that everyone can take to improve their well-being and is not restricted to any particular religion.


Essence of Spirituality while growing up…


Concentrating on spiritual development might be very helpful for young people. It can offer resilience in the face of adversity, inner serenity, and a sense of purpose in life.  Since it tackles the essential elements of our existence outside of the material and physical realm, spiritual awakening and advancement are important. It explores the essence of who

we are to comprehend our values, purpose, and relationship to something more than ourselves.


Enhancing one& spirituality is crucial for the following reasons:


 Sense of Purpose: 

Spiritual development aids people in identifying and pursuing their life & purpose. It offers a compass for overcoming obstacles and making decisions in life. We are more likely to make decisions that bring fulfillment and are consistent with our values when we have a clear sense of purpose, which results in a deeper sense of happiness and contentment.


Emotional Resilience: 

Emotional resilience is frequently fostered by spirituality. It gives people the means to deal with hardship and uncertainty. Spiritual practices like mindfulness and meditation can help people feel less stressed and anxious, which improves their ability to control their emotions. Resilience has the potential to improve mental health and lead to a more harmonious and balanced existence.


-Connection & Compassion:

Spiritual improvement often emphasizes our interconnectedness with all living beings. It promotes compassion, love, and a feeling of oneness. People tend to act kindly and serve others when they realise how interwoven everything is, which fosters a more loving and peaceful society.


Role of Akhanda Bhajans:

Encouraging Kids in following the Devotional Path Akhanda Bhajans encourage the participation of kids & teenagers in various spiritual events where the kids participate and perform bhajans, and devotional songs and immerse in the glory of the gods. Last year Akhanda Bhajans covered multiple events where Ayyappa Devotional Songs by kids were sung and received tremendous feedback from the audiences.


Also, swamy ayyappa devotees from all over the world began participating in more events organized by Akhanda Bhajans.


Here are few links to our YouTube Channel, where the kids have gracefully participated and sung glories of Swamy Ayyapa.


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