Akhanda Bhajans | A shared devotion towards Lord Ayyappa

Sabarimala Historical Facts #1

Thalappara Kotta

Thalappara Kotta (Thalappara Fort) is located in the dense jungle which is the forming part of Sabarimala Poonkavanam and the ramparts are behind the present Forest Station at Plappilly. It is believed that Lord Ayyappa took rest here on his way to Sabarimala. The tribal chief had protected the Lord during his stay. Every year, the Thiruvabharanam Procession makes a stop here and Poojas are conducted by the descendant of the tribe.



Achankovil Temple

Achankovil Sree Dharmasastha Temple was consecrated by Lord Parashurama and is one of the five Sastha Temples that were credited to him for installation. Here, the Lord is in Grihasthashramam and is flanked by his consorts, Poorna and Pushkala. Also, another interesting fact is that Lord Ayyappa is in the form of a Vishahari (one who cures snake venom). The left hand of the idol holds Chandan and Theertha. The Temple is opened anytime a victim of snake bite is brought over, and the Priest opens the Sreekovil and offers Chandan & Theertham to the victim. It is believed to cure the victim’s injury from the venomous snake bite.





Niraputhari Festival

Niraputhari festival is celebrated at Sabarimala Temple to mark the beginning of the harvest season. Usually, it occurs during the first week of August however this year it will be held on the 4th of August. The Paddy harvested from selected fields are carried in the form of spikes in the procession from the Lower Thirumuttom by the Melsanthi and offered to the Lord. Pooja is performed at the Sreekovil and the paddy spikes are distributed to devotees as Prasadam.

Back in 2018 during a devastating flood, the devotees swam across the swirling waters of river Pamba with paddy spikes tied onto their heads and made their way to Sannidhanam to make sure that the function goes on, irrespective of the inclement weather.

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Cheerappanchira Kalari

Cheerappanchira Kalari is located in Muhamma in Alappuzha District, where Lord Ayyappa was believed to have learned the Martial Art Form known as “Kalarippayattu”. The descendants of the family are still around the place and Susheela Gopalan, wife of Legendary Communist Party Leader AK Gopalan, better known as AKG hailed from this family. There is also one story that mentions Malikapurathamma was in fact Lalitha, the daughter of Lord Ayyappa’s Kalari Guru. She fell in love with him, but as he was Brahmachari he politely declined the marriage offer. Check the links below for details.